December 11, 2015

create a signature cocktail for your party

by Faith Ferguson  |  cocktail, entertaining, holiday party create a signature cocktail for your party

Create a signature cocktail for your party. First, consider the mood of your party - something fun and casual vs. something more formal. Then, select the type of base alcohol you’d like…Whiskey? Vodka? Rum? Champagne? Then comes the fun part where you get to add flavorful ingredients. You’ll want to create balance by blending sweet and sour. Rule of thumb - fruit, simple syrup or agave, sour (limes or lemons) and spirit. Decorate in the spirit and enjoy!


November 4, 2015

Scents to Suit

by Faith Ferguson  |  candels, holidays, home decor Scents to Suit

Always think about scents when you’re entertaining. You don’t want to be burning floral scented candles that will compete with the amazing aromas coming out of your kitchen!