With more than 30 years of experience in the full-scale production of elegant events for Fortune 500 companies, Faith Ferguson is synonymous with style, impact, and results. Combining her impeccable taste with a degree in Administrative Services, Faith’s competence, organization, seamless approach, and mindfulness of budget have won her accolades from CEOs of international companies like Sony, Harrah’s, and Best Buy—not to mention the endorsement of discerning brides.

Faith’s reputation for creating elegant and sophisticated events is renowned across the country and around the world. These events have taken her and her team everywhere from Las Vegas to the Louvre. A consummate professional, Faith provides fully customized and unparalleled services for clients near and far, being mindful to meet each client’s needs and incorporate their unique vision.

A keen understanding of business management and attention to detail has enabled Faith to achieve stellar results for a diverse group of clients. Faith and her expert team have worked with restaurant, catering and hotel venues to provide operational and sales support, including menu development, vendor recruitment and training, staffing services, sales kit development, and business start-up services.

In addition to her professional achievements, Faith’s leadership is also sought-after in her personal life. Faith is on the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board of John S. Burke Catholic High School. She and husband Ron Boire are the founders of the Ferguson/Noonan Foundation, an educational organization for which she serves as chairman and president. Faith is also a proud member of the Villanova and Boston College Leadership Parent Committees. Faith and Ron reside in Warwick, NY, with the three of their five children still in school.